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Home Renovation Project? Hire a Canberra Electrician for Lighting, Alarms, Power Points & Efficiency

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

In this article we will discuss all the electrical work that is needed for home renovation and home improvement projects that require electrical work by a licensed electrician in your local area.

home renovation

Thinking about all the complicated electrical stuff you would need done when you try to renovate your home? It feels good to DIY most of the things in the house when just a little (or a major) change is needed, but any electrical changes need to be done by a professional electrician. We understand that home renovations can get very costly if they are not planned properly. At Peak-electrical, we will collaborate with you to understand your electricals needs in your house and strive to provide you with an electrical system that looks better than you imagined and has all the functionalities that you always wanted. We have a team of experienced electricians who can make the process of renovating your electrical system flawless and stress-free for you, and will make it a seamless transition for you and your family. We are up-to-date with all the recent trends and effective solutions and will provide solutions that are not just functional but also cost-effective and energy efficient.

Your home renovation project can be something you have been planning for years or it could be spur

of the moment decision, at Peak-Electrical, we will be working with you and for you from the beginning of the project till the end. We make sure that you get the best customer service and a hassle-free experience by providing an electrician who is punctual and professional. We care about making your house look and feel just like you imagined it. Our licensed electricians in Canberra will work with you and carry out the job with expert care and skill. We provide you with the best customer service through planning, communication, and the use of good quality products.

If you can’t decide what systems will match your requirements and needs, and are tired of looking through brochures and mood boards, Peak-electrical can make these decisions easy for you!

Contact Peak-electrical at 0422 158 223 or email anytime for a quick consultation or go on your shopping spree and get all the systems and appliances your heart desires. We’ll fit them for you!

Here are some ideas for your home renovation and electrical system updates to make the decision process easier for you.

  • Consult an electrician: Did you know that most house fires can be easily prevented? Before starting any DIY projects in your house and ripping out wiring from the house, it is crucial to isolate the fuse/meter box. Keep in mind that DIYing electrical jobs is illegal and faulty work can result in house fires easily. Hiring a licensed electrician can potentially save your life and will definitely get the job done right. Seen sparks fly in your house? Give us a call at 0422 158 223 and we’ll come in and take a quick look to see what needs to be fixed.

  • Rewiring: Wiring in a property needs to be changed completely in a couple of decades. If you have an old residential or commercial property, a major renovation would be incomplete without getting the wiring checked, and if necessary, replaced. Get your wiring checked by a licensed electrician to know if it meets the Australian electrical standards. Talk to the experts at Peak-Electrical to get the best evaluation of your electrical need. Get your free quote now!

  • New lighting: Instead of the old traditional lighting. You can try new pendant lights, downlights or even sensor lights for your rooms. Sensor lights are a great way to save energy. You also don’t need to remember to turn them off every time you leave the room. Pendant lights look beautiful and instantly elevate the look of the space. Our electricians have years of experience with installing different lighting and can do it easily and quickly for you.

  • Refurbish old switchboards: It is possible that your old switchboards do not comply with Australian Standards anymore and need to be changed. Instead of replacing your old switchboards with similar looking switchboards, you can get new and innovative designs, maybe incorporate some USB ports this time? USB ports make the space look extremely clean and sophisticated. Peak Electricals affordable prices and experienced electricians will help you to replace your old switchboards and power points with new innovative ones and get exactly what you want.

  • New appliances: Peak-Electrical can provide you with dependable electrical services when it comes to installing new appliances. You can get the new hotplate you’ve always wanted, or a chic refrigerator that goes with the rest of your kitchen fittings. We also help with bathroom renovations, you can get the mirror-lighting just right for a glowing look and on overall elegant appearance of our bathroom.

We provide licensed electricians and electrical services all through Canberra, Tuggeranong and Queanbeyan. Get in touch now and we’ll help you bring your bright ideas electrical system ideas to life.

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