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How to Find The Right Electrician In Local Canberra, Tuggeranong & Queanbeyan Areas, ACT

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

In this article you will learn more about finding an electrician nearby and understanding what you should consider when choosing to book or hire an electrician in Canberra, ACT.


Choosing the right electrician for your job can be a tedious and a nerve-wracking task. Getting electrical jobs done is a tricky task, it can increase your costs tremendously if not done right. 40% of all house fires are caused by electrical fires. Any faulty work can potentially lead to a life-threatening situation. You want your electrician to be dependable, experienced and skilled. We’ll help you pinpoint all the qualities to look for in your electrician so that you can make the best decision for your electrical needs.

  • Licensed: It is legally required that all electrical work be done by a licensed electrician on all properties. So if your plan is to DIY an electrical job or ask for a friend’s help, it is probably not the best idea. Even if you know exactly how to do it. Not getting electrical work done by a licensed electrician is dangerous, illegal, and could jeopardise your insurance. It is not illegal to purchase any electrical device but it needs to be fitted by a licensed electrician. You can ask your electrician to show their license before asking for their services At Peak-Electrical, all our electricians are licensed and know how to get the job done efficiently, without risking the safety of you and your loved ones.

  • Experience: An experienced electrician will be proficient in all things electric and will have a handle on how to manage multiple jobs easily. They will also be up-to-date on the recent trends for electrical fittings and systems and can give you an informed opinion based on your needs and the products available in the market. Good electricians will also be able to understand your needs and give you a good consultation with innovative ideas that maybe you didn’t think of previously. We have a decade of experience at Peak-Electrical and will be more than happy to give you a quick consultation. Contact us to get your free quote now!

  • Reviews online: One of the best way to assess if someone if worth your time and money is to check out what their other clients have been saying about them and the services they provide. A good Google My Business rating would generally mean the clients are happy with the work being provided by the electrician. Peak-Electrical has a 4.8 rating on Google. Here’s what people have been saying about us:

“Jarad did a great job fixing and installing my LED lights and installing my new oven. Very quick and willing to go above and beyond, with extra time invested researching the best LED switch for my needs and saving me money at the same time. I just found him on Google and will be using him again.” -Scott Young
“Peak Electrical have done an outstanding job re wiring our kitchen and installing a new run to our outside pool house. Tradie was punctual which is unusual :) well mannered and professional. Can not recommend them enough. To top it all of the fact they offered me a discount for being a war veteran was wonderful.”- Ashley Stoll

We are grateful to all of our clients for letting us work with them. We are happy to be serving all of our cherished customers and we look forward to continue to do so.

  • Reason for the job: Before seeking services from a professional it is important to look at the job you need to get done. It is possible that some electricians have more experience and expertise in providing certain services than others. Research the electricians that have a past experience of doing the job that you want done, like a bathroom renovation, fixing fuse boxes, or putting up down-lights, pendant lights etc. At Peak-electrical, we give all jobs equal importance- ranging from a lighting consultation to rewiring all the systems in the house. We have been in the industry for 10 years now and our expert electricians can perform just about any job for you with utmost professionalism and care, all through Canberra, ACT. Call us for a consultation for your electrical needs now!

  • Compare prices: Electrical jobs around the house can be expensive if not done right. The added to cost of un-doing a job done wrong to the cost of material you buy can go very high, without giving you much value for your money. You need an expert electrician who can provide you with just the service you want without burning a hole in your pocket. Our affordable prices combined with great customer service at Peak-electrical will leave you satisfied and happy everytime you book us.

  • Find something local: The best electrician is someone who is close to your house and can come your property almost instantaneously. A local electrician will know the prices of the services as well as the material to be used for work in your area. Peak electricals provide services although Canberra and Queanbeyan area. We are a local business that offer affordable prices so you don’t have to worry about anything accept choosing what you want.

For any electrical service like changing lightings, revamping the electrical systems in your house, installing new fittings and appliances, or even getting a routine check, contact us now to get a free quote and services at affordable pricing all through Canberra, ACT!

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